The conference season has started! Here’s what I’ll be doing this summer:

  • New work examining the possible reasons for low attainment in GCSE English Literature:
    • 21 June: Korochkina, M., & Rastle, K. What does it take to read and understand GCSE English Literature texts? Talk at Research & Practice 2024, Royal Holloway, University of London
  • New work on the nature of morphological information children are exposed to when they read for pleasure:
    • 5 July: Korochkina, M., Marelli, M., Brysbaert, M., & Rastle, K. What can children learn about English morphology through book reading? Talk at the EPS meeting, York
    • 11 July: Korochkina, M., Marelli, M., Brysbaert, M., & Rastle, K. The nature of morphemic regularities in children’s literature: What do British children learn about derivational morphology when they read? Talk at the SSSR meeting, Copenhagen
  • Workshop on the nuts and bolts of pre-registration:
    • 10 July: Korochkina, M. Pre-registration and open materials. Invited talk at the SSSR pre-conference, Copenhagen
  • Ongoing work on the nature of vocabulary in books popular with British children & young people:

Please come along! :)