New paper!

Language, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Read our new paper on behavioural and electrophysiological markers of integration of novel words into semantic memory - published in LCN open access! [Read More]
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The Children and Young People's Books Lexicon (CYP-LEX)

What words do children encounter when they read for pleasure?

Our paper introducing CYP-LEX, a large-scale lexical database of books popular with children and young people in the UK, is finally out! It’s open access and free to download. Kathy and I also wrote a short and accessible blog post summarsing the main insights from this work. We are now... [Read More]
Tags: corpus linguistics, lexical database, reading, word frequency, children's books

Upcoming conferences

EPS, Research & Practice at RHUL, ESCoP

I will be presenting the most recent findings from the children and young people’s books lexicon that we’ve been developing over the past year at the EPS meeting in Swansea (12-14 July) and at ESCoP in Porto (6-9 Sept). In addition, Kathy Rastle will be sharing our insights into what... [Read More]
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BNA Credibility Prize

Student Researcher

Just found out that I was awarded this year’s BNA Student Researcher Credibility prize! Feeling thrilled, honoured, and very, very grateful! And now back to my paper revisions…
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